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栢峰兒科專科團隊提供以下優惠, 願與大家既平安又健康地一同攜手渡過疫情🌻🌻🌻

🍀於私營醫院出生的牛年BB (即由農曆年初一開始), 如在院期間已由栢峰團隊屬下的兒科專科醫生照顧, 出院後的四天內, 親臨任何一間栢峰醫務中心會見兒科專科醫生, 可獲豁免專科醫生診金以及免費量度黃疸指數乙次。 (其他收費自付, 例如藥物、化驗項目等)

☎️: 2217 0123
☎️:  2603 2030 (6/F)
☎️:  2603 1013 (8/F)

Complimentary Service for Newborns in the Year of Ox!!!

Platform Medical Centre would like to give a special offer. Let’s walk through the pandemic period healthily together. 🌻🌻🌻

🍀Newborns who are delivered in a private hospital in the Year of Ox (on or after 12 Feb 2021) and are under the care of Paediatricians from Platform, will enjoy a one-time free Paed Specialist consultation along with a transdermal measurement of bilirubin level (other necessary charges, such as medication or laboratory tests, are not covered by this offer). Parents please bring your newborn to visit one of the Platform branches within 4 days after discharge.

Please contact Platform Medical Centre for details and appointments.

☎️:  2217 0123
☎️:  2603 2030 (6/F)
☎️:  2603 1013 (8/F)